Above All Men excerpt
published on Sundog Lit

An excerpt of Eric’s debut novel, Above All Men, was published on Sundog Lit. The excerpt—illustrating the relationship of two main protagonists, their history together, and how they feed off the uncomfortable, yet somehow easy, past experiences they share—doesn’t contain any major plot spoilers, but there’s plenty of PTSD, cattle testes, and blood.

Here’s a lighter taste:
There was something in his silhouette. The rope in David’s hand turned gritty from memory and he was in the trench by the dry riverbed. It was raining like it always rained and the sky was low over the trees and he could see them coming out from behind the cover of ferns and dwarf bamboo and sliding into the draw and running toward their side. Red was first over the mouth of the trench and David was there with him and they were rushing to meet the soldiers and when Red called to him and pointed he didn’t know how it was not pouring.

To get to the blood, read the entire excerpt here.