Short story published
on Go Read Your Lunch

Eric had a short story, “Frequencies Between,” published on Go Read Your Lunch, a literary journal of prose featuring a new story every Monday that is just long enough to read on your lunch break.

It starts out:
        Driving down US-50 and it hits. At first like she’s gone onto the shoulder and the rumble strip is shaking the car, something like a whale singing in her mouth mixed with a jackhammer. She puts both hands on the wheel to guide the car toward center and finds it already there. A sign passes on the left, black and white, broad strokes: HELL IS REAL. And gone. And the noise is gone, and she puts her hand up to her ear, grabs her jaw, fumbles her fingers around her face like her sinuses itch.
        It’s gray out, faded swaths of leaves carpeting yards and the untended roadside. There’s a radio tower topping the hill, blinking red. The highway is a winding capillary. The road undulates, ribbons through hollows. The grass is yellowing, the trees bare, and between them the houses are visible, the trailers, the broken-down cars rusting away on blocks. Barns with caved roofs. The entire county looks like it’s been smoked.

You can read the rest of the short story in its entirety for free online here. Go Read Your Lunch pays its authors, so if you like the story, please feel free to pitch them some pocket change.