Above All Men named Top 10
Best Book of 2014 on Bent Country

Eric’s novel, Above All Men, was chosen as a Top 10 Best Book of 2014 on Bent Country. The blog is run by Sheldon Lee Compton, the editor-in-chief of the lit journal, Revolution John, who had this to say about the debut novel:
This is another novel I reviewed at Revolution John. And it was a tough one to review, let me just say. I wanted the review to somehow reflect how hard Eric had clearly worked on this book. It’s so well built, I mean brick-cigar-house built. A debut, Above All Men is a fully realized not-too-distant future, a fully realized set of characters, and on and on. Most of the time, with a debut, a reader can point to at least one or two things that blows the cover on it being a first book. Not this one. Not a single flaw this reader found.”

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