Above All Men named Best Book of 2014
on The Next Best Book Club

Eric’s novel, Above All Men, was chosen as the Best Book of 2014 by Lori Hettler on The Next Best Book Club. She also mentioned it on her Goodreads’s list, saying it was the “Best ‘oh my god the world is falling apart’ post apoc book,” mentioned it as a guest contributor on The Spark, and had this to say about the debut novel on TNBBC:
It’s a bleak tale of the beginning of the end of the world. Of a family man who feels the weight of everyone’s worries on his shoulders. Of this man who, regardless of consequence, is determined to make sure everyone is alright, even if it means hurting the ones he cares about most. It’s a tale of survival as much as it is one of destruction. And Shonkwiler pulls it off effortlessly. It’s a killer read. It does all of the things you want it to and some of the things you don’t. And that’s what makes it so powerful. That’s what makes it THE one.”

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