Above All Men named
Best Book of 2014 on The Spark

Eric’s novel, Above All Men, was chosen as the Best Book of 2014 by guest contributor Lori Hettler on Alternating Current’s The Spark. The press asked other authors, editors, publishers, readers, publicists, and independent publishers to select their favorite books of the year, and Lori, head of The Next Best Book Club, had this to say about the debut novel:
When I first started reading Eric Shonkwiler’s Above All Men back in January of last year, I remember being only a handful of pages in and already referring to it as my favorite book of 2014. Here I am, seventy-three books and twelve months later, and nothing I’ve read since has even come close. Eric’s novel offers a bleak peek into the beginning of the end of the world. Into the life of a family man who feels the weight of everyone’s worries on his shoulders. Into the mind of this man who, regardless of consequence, is determined to make sure everyone is all right, even if it means hurting the ones he cares about most. It’s a tale of survival as much as it is one of destruction, and Shonkwiler’s pacing — the slow, burning intensity of it — kept me on tenterhooks the entire time.”

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